Sam Van Meter @ The 5 Spot

Last night I had the rare opportunity of having a Thursday img_1865night off so I was invited to see a friend of a friend perform a short set at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. I had never been there to see live music before, only the DJs that spin Motown hits on Monday nights (and waiting in line for 12 hours to get a glimpse of Lady Gaga), so I was excited to see
Sam Van Meter play. Most people would say that he falls under the Americana genre but his style proves to be more than that. Even though he was the opening act as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter, he could sure fill up a room with his soul.

Sam is more than just a guitar player; he also plays the harmonica. When he straps that around his neck he gives a whole new layer to his sound. If Bob Dylan and Ray Lamontagne could have a love child you would get Sam Van Meter. His song “Told You Two Times” has a minimalist blues vibe very reminiscent of The Black Keys.

When Sam sings, it is clear that he feels every single word coming out of his mouth. His lyrics show true passion and vulnerability that is sometimes lost with other performers. You can see who Sam Van Meter is as a person just by listening to his songs. I had met Sam a few times prior to this performance but this was the first time I had ever heard him sing, and based on this set I can’t wait to hear more!


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