Spiffy Squirrel Comedy Show @ The East Room Featuring Valerie Tosi

Everyone knows Nashville as “Music City” but what most people don’t know is there is an emerging comedy scene happening. Every week you can find an open mic or weekly comedy show at various venues around town with local and touring comics alike. One of these shows is the Spiffy Squirrel Comedy Show hosted by Chad Riden every Sunday night at The East Room from 6:30-8pm. IMG_0825First up to the mic was the Emcee, Chad Riden. Chad’s jaded look on life leads to his sarcastic comedy about his divorce, crazy family, and what it’s like living in Nashville. One of his many claims to fame is that he hosted and produced the #BrokenRecordShow at the East Room last year which was a non-stop 184 hour 16 minute long comedy show that more than doubled the Guinness World Book of Records for longest stand-up comedy show. He even joked about how even though that is an impressive feat, most adults don’t give a shit about it but his young nephews think that he is a God because his name is in the book. If Chad looks familiar to you, it might be because you’ve seen him on one of the various stages in dive bars around Nashville, or it’s because he ran (unsuccessfully) for Mayor of our fair city last year. If you would like to know when Chad will be performing around Nashville just follow him on twitter.

The first comic in the line up was the very funny Hannah Hogan. IMG_0848Originally hailing from Toronto, Canada, Hannah is now a resident of Nashville. You may have seen her at Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern at one of their Monday night open mic comedy nights, or at one of the many festivals she has performed at this year including the Bird City Comedy Festival in Phoenix, AZ earlier this month. Her sweet demeanor plays off very well with her sometimes dark sense of humor. Her jokes ranged anywhere from what it’s like meeting new people to the abrupt death of her mother when she was a teenager. She has a knack for turning her tragic life events into a great comedy bit. Hannah’s next performances in Nashville will be at Acme Feed & Seed on Wednesday April 27th at 9pm and the Comedy Out the Yazoo at Zanie’s on Wednesday May 11th at 7:30pm. To see what Hannah is up to you can follow her on twitter.

Next in the line up was funny lady Katherine Jessup. IMG_0827Her set was a well thought out 10 minutes that drew from her real life experiences living in the nation’s capital. I related a lot to her jokes about what it’s like living on the east coast in a blizzard, being single, and being the “cool aunt” even though we all know that’s code for “most financially unstable.” She has also performed at the Bid City Comedy Festival earlier this month. You can see when she’s performing next by following her on twitter.

Before the headliner there was a “mystery guest” scheduled to perform and his name is Shane Torres.IMG_0834 Hailing from NYC Shane is a comedy force. You may know him from IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang, or his appearance on Conan. His set was hilarious. Like many comics, Shane battles depression and is not ashamed to talk about it. He uses comedy to help cope with it and he does a great job doing it. Despite that, one of the best moments in his set was when he came to the defense of celebrity chef Guy Fieri. His jokes about how people give Mr. Fieri so much shit about the way he dresses made the entire room laugh out loud in agreement. It was a great moment in the show. You can check out Shane and his next appearances by visiting his website or following him on twitter.

The last comic on deck was the headliner, and my personal friend, Valerie Tosi. IMG_0837Tosi, originally from a seaside town in Massachusetts, has spent the last several years living in LA persuing her dreams of becoming an actress and comedian. She hosts multiple shows each month including the all female Mermaid Comedy Hour and Volumizing Comedy Show. Her resume is extensive in many mediums including TV, web series, independent films, and several commercials. Wearing her so-called “Puss Pants” Valerie’s set was filled with bits about her stoner parents, drunken grocery shopping, online dating, what it was like being a former band geek and theater nerd, and even threw in some brand new material about her visit to Nashville. In such a short time, Valerie has accomplished so much and we hope that she will be back in Nashville soon. In the meantime, she will be performing back in LA when she’s not making people laugh at one of the many comedy festivals she was accepted to in 2016. You can follow Valerie on twitter to see where she will be performing.



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